Volume 5, Number 1, June 2017


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        Original Articles – Language, Identity, and Imagined Communities

      • Shelley Dawson
        An investigation into the identity/imagined community relationship: A case study of two language learners in New Zealand 
      • Jeffrey Maloney & Peter I. De Costa
        Imagining the Japanese heritage learner: A scalar perspective 
      • Howard Davis, Graham Day, Marta Eichsteller & Sally Baker
        Language in autobiographical narratives: Motivation, capital and transnational imaginations 
      • Cyril Robelin
        La plus petite communauté imaginée du monde: le Territoire Neutre de Moresnet

Varia (original articles)

      • Delin Deng
        Oui and Voilà: Analysis of two discourse markers used by Chinese-L1 speakers of French in France 
      • Maliheh Rezaei
        Investigating Degree of Familiarity, Formality and Frequency of Slang Used by Farsi Speakers: A Situation-Based Study 
      • Emmanuel Amo Ofori
        The Use of Insults to Challenge Political Authority: A Critical Discourse Analysis 
      • Natasha S. K.
        Truth and Truth-Telling in the Agricultural Biotechnology Debate in India 

Book Review

    • Uju Anya (2017). Racialized Identities in Second Language Learning. Speaking Blackness in Brazil, Routledge, 254 pages, ISBN 978-1-1389-2778-0 and 978-1-3156-8228-0165 
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