Elections 2014

The elections have been concluded and we are pleased to announce the new Executive Board, which will take up their duties at the 2014 World Congress in Yokohama and serve until 2018:

President: Amado Alarcón
Email: amado.alarcon@urv.cat

Vice-President: Federico Farini
Email: f.farini@mdx.ac.uk

Secretary: Stéphanie Cassilde
Email: stephanie.cassilde@cehd.be

Webmaster: Keiji Fujiyoshi
Email: fjosh524@hotmail.com

Newsletter Editor: Trinidad Valle
Email: valle@fordham.edu

The position of Treasurer could not be filled at this time because of a policy technicality. The new board appointed Nadezhda Georgieva-Stankova to this position at the World Congress in Yokohama. If you have interest in serving please write to our president-elect, Amado Alarcon.