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  • > Symbolic violence in socio-educational contexts: Language, Power and Ethnicity Call for papers (PDF) Submission deadline: December 10, 2018
  • > VARIA: Online submission open throughout the year


    IV ISA Forum of Sociology

    Challenges of the 21st Century: Democracy, Environment, Inequalities, Intersectionality

    We invite you to submit a session proposal (approximately 300 words) in English, Spanish and/or French by March 15, 2019 through ISA online system, which is available on the following page:

Other calls 

  • SOCIOPEDIA.ISA®: The editors invite submissions to be assessed for inclusion in Sociopedia.ISA®. Click here to download the call for papers. Sociopedia.ISA® is an online database with entries that are ‘state-of-the-art’ reviews of areas in the social sciences. The project is a joint venture of the International Sociological Association and Sage. If you want to learn more about Sociopedia.ISA® you can find the relevant information here.
  • Career opportunities at the University of Bordeaux: Several recruitment opportunities are currently being promoted within the framework “Excellence initiative of the University of Bordeaux”. For further information and the call for applications, see

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