Language Studies in a Decolonial Interpretative Key

Guest Editors: Viviane de Melo Resende (University of Brazilia, Brazil).

This issue of Language, Discourse and Society aims to address different possibilities of the relation between the decolonial turn and sociolinguistics, sociology of language, and discourse studies. The debate on decoloniality is well established in social studies, but yet with little impact over discourse studies and our way to look at language, even though there is an instigating field relating coloniality of knowledge, power and being, to research and teaching on discourse analysis. On the other hand, paying attention directly to language issues related to social problems has also a big potential for innovative conceptualization to decoloniality itself, and discourse insights are able to bring even more relevance to the decolonial interpretative key.


Themes to be addressed in candidate papers could be related to how coloniality (of knowledge, power and being) brings impact: on the selections of themes we approach in research, on the possibilities of theoretical creation in the field; and on the possibilities of methodological creation in the field. Besides, pedagogical questions are also of interest, along with thematic issues related to colonial heritage, and discussed from decolonial thinking: subalternities linked to race, class, gender, and sexuality, investigated through discourse analysis, sociolinguistics and the sociology of language. Submissions can be done in English, Spanish and French.

Please follow the author guidelines which includes a template for formatting.


  • January 2019: call for papers
  • 31st March 2019: Submission of full articles
  • 31st August 2019: Feedback from reviewers
  • 30th October 2019: submission of revised articles

This thematic issue will be published in June 2020.

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