Guidelines for Contributors

  1. Articles and Book reviews may be submitted in English, French and Spanish.
  2. Contributions must be original articles, not published, nor considered simultaneously for publication in any other journal or publisher.
  3. There is no standard length: 6,000–8,000 words (1000-1500 in the case of book reviews) is a useful working target but where it is justified, longer or shorter pieces can be considered.
  4. Title, author or authors name, affiliations, full address (including telephone, fax number and e-mail address) and brief biographical note should be typed on a separate sheet.
  5. Include an abstract of 200-300 words summarizing the findings and at most five keywords.
  6. Tables must be numbered (Table 1, Table 2, etc.). Number figures and photographs consecutively (Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.). Each one must include a descriptive title.
  7. Minimize the number of footnotes. Do not include endnotes.
  8. Minimize the length of quotations. In case of quotations, referencing in the text should appear in this format: (Brunet, 2007: 15).
  9. References should appear in the following format: (Brunet, 1995), (Brunet and Spener, 2008) and (Brunet et al., 2006) if the reference concern three or more names. Use letters (a, b, etc.) to differentiate publications from the same author in the same year, (Brunet, 1995a).
  10. Bibliography section: all references cited in the text must be listed in this section, and vice versa. List the references in alphabetical order by authors’ last names. If the same author has more than one entry list the publications in order of the year of publication. Follow this citation system:
    1. Journals: García, I. (2000): “Language and Call Centers in Pakistan”, International Journal of Globalization & Languages 205(3): 51-63.
    2. Book Chapters: Brunet, I. and Smith, A. (1998): “Languages and Economic Integration”, in P.P. Kholer and P.A. Jenkins (eds): Linguistic diversity in Europe. Madrid: Publicaciones Universitarias: 101-123.
    3. Books: Barry, A. S. (1999): Borders and Languages. Dallas: Dallas University Press.
    4. In the case of electronic publications, include the electronic address of the references.
  11. Use a recent version of Microsoft Word for submitting your article.
  12. Use the following template to submit our article.