Language, Discourse & Society

Language, Discourse, & Society is an international peer-reviewed journal, focused on advancing sociological knowledge concerning language, face-to-face interaction, and other language-related social phenomena. It is the official journal of the International Sociological Association-Research Committee 25, Language and Society. Language, Discourse, & Society seeks to attract an international and interdisciplinary audience interested in the sociological development of language-related knowledge to better understand our complex social environment. Articles appearing in Language, Discourse, & Society analyze issues related to the structures of discourse, talk, text, language use, or communication and the relationship of these to social and cultural representations. The journal publishes articles that are theoretically and/or empirically driven, including qualitative and quantitative methodologies of language and text.

Language, Discourse, & Society is published twice annually (June and December) in electronic form, and it is open to articles dedicated to all aspects of sociological analyses of language, discourse and representation. The journal has an ISSN code (2239-4192). and it is listed in the most important databases of Open Access Journals.

Language, Discourse & Society can publish special issues about specific research themes. For these special issues, specific calls for papers will be announced. If you are interested in editing a special issue, contact the Journal Editor: