Call for Peer-Reviewers

Language, Discourse & Society recognizes the value and importance of the peer reviewer in the overall publication process – not only in shaping the individual manuscript, but also in shaping the credibility and reputation of a journal. Language, Discourse & Society is committed to the timely publication of all credible scientifically based manuscripts submitted for publication. As such, the identification and selection of reviewers who have expertise and interest in the topics appropriate to each manuscript are essential elements in ensuring a timely, productive peer review process.

As articles in English, French and Spanish may be submitted, application for potential reviewers who are able to read in French and/or Spanish are welcome. The peer-review process is also important as it is a component of evaluation process for the new RC25 Awards (cf. the description of the awards in this issue of the newsletter): for each article, reviewers will be asked to fill a short evaluation grid to facilitate nominations for RC 25 Awards. Generally, reviewers are asked to return their comments within one month. In an effort to facilitate the selection of appropriate peer reviewers for Language, Discourse & Society, the Editorial Board is soliciting applications of potential reviewers, allowing us to create a list of scholars in the many areas of interest and expertise covered by the journal. If you would be interested in being considered as a reviewer for Language, Discourse & Society, you can email your application, in which you state your area of interest and your language expertise to Stéphanie Cassilde